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About us

About Us

E- resources, s.r.o. (founded in 1999) is a conservative consultancy company focused mainly on energy savings, subsidy policy, city planning, development of towns and regions infrastructure.

We provide services to the subjects in public and private sector. The range of our clients includes towns and city parts, regions, villages, universities, organizational parts of the state. In the private sector we work for large international companies and also for small and medium businesses. E- resources, s.r.o. uses a very unique system SDE (SYSTEM DEFINE ELEMENTS), which allows to module the process of energy demands reduction according to the particular needs of individual clients.

The main company goal is to secure the client the best solution from technical and economical point of view with respect to the environment. We emphasize the low costs of the operators in our projects and the total sustainability and effectiveness of applications, technologies, buildings etc. The E- resources, s.r.o. team of energy experts participated in many successful implementations of subsidy projects and business plans. Savings achieved by the clients can be counted in hundreds of mil. CZK, in technical units this can be expressed in TJ.


It will be our pleasure to cooperate with you in the long term.